Great Webdesign Tutorial for an Architect website design in 2017 using Jquery, Photoshop, Google Fonts and more.

Angular Shopping Cart with PHP

If you want to learn the basics of webdesign and Jquery, just follow this free tutorial:

Photoshop: Frederick Alonso (Founder Kontrast Design) shows how he usually designs a website for his clients. He made this tutorial for a possible client.

Google Fonts: See how to integrate free and open webfonts and how to use them local on your computer in the design stage.

HTML & CSS: You probably have the basics to build a website so you can skip this part.

Jquery: See how Frederick integrates jquery with a few lines of code.

Slideshow: Build upon jquery he shows you how to make animations and a full sized menu, also how to implement a slideshow carousel will be explained.

4 Video tutorials in this playlist by Frederick Alonso