New Theme Webdesign by Kontrast Aalst

Kontrast Webdesign Website Ontwerp Aalst

Why new webdesign?

First of all our website ranks around 2.8 Million position in the world. Our website is worth 9545$ at this moment, we have around 50 daily visitors and we wanted to step away from our old Wordpress website.

Kontrast Webdesign Aalst Belgium is a professional web agency that designed a template for our very successful website webdesigncolors.com.
At first you might think that our website looks simple, but behind the screens we are running a full ecommerce platform,
we can offer videos in the future and even sell whatever we want. We where very happy with the clean look and different colors in the main menu from this website. Not spoken about the amazing system that was made by Kontrast Webdesign.

New features from their webdesign:

  • User friendly.
  • Optimized to represent code better.
  • New Color Picker.
  • Extendable for future ideas.
  • Traffic friendly and cache optimized webdesign.

Thank you Kontrast Webdesign Aalst for the powerful design!

They have also great tutorials online and their own youtube channel: Kontrast Youtube Channel.