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Dates 2017 JavaScript conferences & meetings.

2017 JavaScript conferences

Conferences are great way to learn, network and get the latest info, straight from the developers. These are events can help you grow as a developer and push you forward.

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The idea behind these events.

A conference or meeting is a great opportunity to get a look at new products first hand and get insights from some of the best professionals in the business. JavaScript is used everywhere these days so there’s no surprise that JavaScript conferences are very spread out, you’ll probably find one near you this year!



NG-NL Amsterdam - Netherlands

15–16th March 2017. Focused on Angular NG-NL 2017 is a two-day conference (a training day and a conference day). Another good reason to visit Amsterdam and enjoy Netherlands.

React London - UK

Single day event on the 28th of March. Great talks on Recat from the developers from the community.

React Amsterdam - Netherlands

Full day conference 21st of April. This is part of the React series of conferences that started out in San Francisco - USA.

JSConfEU Berlin - Germany

Another two day event, 6–7 May. If you’re close by you could check it out. And visit the creative Berlin city at the same time. If you love music and Vinyl, make sure to check the vinyl stores.

jsDay Verona - Italy

Moving a bit south we have the jsDays conference in Italy. Two day event on May 10–11th.

JSDayES Madrid - Spain

12–13th of May there is a two day conference in English and Spanish covering JS, node, React, Angular and more.

React Europe

May 18–19/ 2017, Paris - France 24 Speakers. They also have two days of workshops that you can enjoy between May 16–15th.

AngularCamp Barcelona - Spain

Focusing on community and education purposes. Happening in July this summer, the season to see beautiful Barcelona.

AngularCamp Barcelona - Spain

Focusing on community and education purposes. Happening in July this summer, the season to see beautiful Barcelona.

FullStack London - UK

July 12–14th/ 2017 A very interesting conference covering JavaScript, Node Angular and iOT! This is the fourth edition and a huge event.

VueConf Wroclaw - Poland

In Wroclaw, happening between June 21–23/ 2017. More here:

Frontend Conference Zurich - Swiss

Design and technology, happening in late August 31 August and 1st of September. 2 days, +20 presentations!

NordisJS Stockholm - Sweden

Have you ever been to Stockholm Sweden? Here’s your chance to do so, on the 7–8th of September. Call for speakers still open if you’re interested to speak about something nerdy :) .

NG-BE Ghent - Belgium

The first Angular conference in Belgium, in the city of Ghent, between December 8–9/ 2017. Ideal for a cold beer.

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North America


Ember Conf Portland

Three days of training's, sessions, activities and with the Ember Core Team. On March 28–29th.

NG Conf Salt Lake City

The original Angular concept conference that spread around the world. A three day event, April 5–7th 2017 with lots of talk and exciting topics to learn from.

Front End Design Conference St. Peterburg

Enjoy spring in Florida and this three day event from April 19–21st 2017 in Saint Petersburg.

Chain React Portland

Dive deep into all things React in this two day, one track conference on July 10–11th. Talks presented by influential leaders in the React world.